Process-oriented feedback

Your text got a score of 100.

Texts were rated by means of a text quality scale with benchmarks. A text with a 100 score is an average text. Take a look at the scale and see where your text is situated.

The feedback on your writing process consists of 7 steps:

  1. Reflection: How did you write your previous text? Answer the questions.
  2. What you do during the writing process affects the quality of your text. Please note that there is not one ideal writing process. There are many approaches to writing a text. View the feedback report for your writing process. Go through the different parts and try to find out why your writing process looks like this.
  3. What can you see in the writing process graph? Your feedback report contains a graphical representation of how you wrote your text. Find out what information you can get from the graph by going through this document.
  4. Take a look at the first exemplary writing process. This is the writing process of someone who achieved a higher score than you, namely 125. Below the graph you will find some comments on several aspects of this writing process.
  5. Take a look at the second exemplary writing process. Also this process belongs to someone with a higher score, namely 150.
  6. Go back to your personal feedback report (with the process graph of your writing process). By filling in this handout, you can reconstruct your own writing process based on the information you can find in your report and process graph.
  7. Goal setting. Formulate an answer to the following questions.